Welcome to Appcast

Dear reader/listener:

I'm super excited to be able to finally launch one of my latest pet projects: Appcast. Appcast is my personal blog+radio show+podcast.

My hope is that this blog will be different from any other blog you've ever experienced. I have three basic goals for Appcast:

  1. It will be updated daily
  2. It will provide useful information for tech enthusiasts
  3. It will be entertaining

I realize that Appcast must be different than any other blog before it. For that reason, my goal is to blaze the trail in the following areas:

  1. Live shows
  2. Communicating with listeners/readers via call-in
  3. IRC chat

The whole premise of Appcast hidges on my ability to communicate with you, the reader and listener. This isn't just a one way conversational blog. No, this is a two-way communicative effort that depends on you for success.

Let's talk tech. In fact, let's talk tech together. Let's chat about it, let's have live streams about it, and let's read and write about it.

That's my mantra, and that's what will make Appcast a blog different from the average tech blog.